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The Story of Our Produce

The Story of Our Produce

“We, the Bewild produce, come to life through our community’s efforts in enriching soil and supporting their economic well-being.”

Step 1: Zoning & Seed Selection

After a biodiversity survey, our community identifies cultivation and wilderness areas on our 100+ acre landscape. They select suitable native varieties to grow.

Step 2: Green Manuring

Forty-five days before sowing, the soil is enriched with green manuring, ensuring it’s ready to support our growth.

Step 3: Seed Sourcing

Our seeds are procured from a community of farmers and seed savers, ensuring non-GMO, native, heirloom varieties.

Step 4: Land Preparation

1-3 days before sowing, the land is gently tilled and enriched with natural nutrients to create the perfect environment for us.

Step 5: Sowing & Transplanting

With hope, we are sown into the soil or transplanted from the nursery, ready to grow and flourish.

Step 6: Early Nourishment

We receive extra care with cow dung, biomass, water, and mulch to protect us from harsh weather and ensure strong roots.

Step 7: Maintenance

Regular pruning, weeding, and natural pest control keep us healthy and resilient as we grow.

Step 8: Harvesting

At peak ripeness, we are handpicked and checked for quality, maintaining our freshness and integrity.

Step 9: Seed Saving

A portion of us is saved to build an in-house seed bank, preserving our lineage for future generations.

Step 10: Post Harvesting

We are thoroughly sorted, cleaned, and processed to bring out our best qualities.

Step 11: Bewild Produce & Products

Forest-friendly wellness, delivered to you directly, reducing up to 50% of the food waste compared to the market standard.