About Us

Clean Ingredients, Zero Compromise

Bewild was born to bridge the gap between agriculture, economics and the planet’s health. Through permaculture we want to take our consumers where we could not lay our eyes on before - The origin of food because just as the effects of pesticides are unseen, so are the sources of our food.

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The Bewild Promise / No Middlemen, Just Honest Ingredients

Bewild began with our very own need for clean ingredients, and the mission stands clear - to eliminate middlemen from your journey to our ingredients. We are dedicated to fostering direct connections between us and conscious consumers, and by doing so, we ensure that our chemical-free, naturally grown ingredients are not only trustworthy but also beneficial for your body and kind to the environment. Your support enables us to champion nutrient-rich ingredients sourced from a sustainable ecosystem, delivered straight to you and your loved ones and together, we wish to redefine how quality and transparency in food production can positively impact health and the planet.

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A Forest Friendly Hello!

Co-founded by Sunith Reddy and Shruti Ajmera Reddy, Bewild is a community-led produce brand that believes in the responsibility that comes with choice. “A healthy environment grows healthy food. It’s not just about the patch of land your food grows in but the quality of soil, water, air, and the care of the community that shapes the quality of your food.” Says Sunith Reddy, and we are committed to doing just that. Bewild is a vision coming to life, of a thriving forest ecosystem where we pick our ingredients from the same soil as the animals, birds and insects we share it with. It is a pleasure to bring you the same jowar our parakeets enjoy and deliver speciality coffee our bees passionately pollinate because it assures us that what we bring to our shelves is always first approved by the soil and our forest-friendly inhabitants for you.

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Because you and your loved ones Deserve the Best

At Bewild, we cherish the wisdom handed down through generations rooted in our local communities. This knowledge, enriched with modern scientific practices, shapes everything we grow. Our ingredients embody the circle of life and uphold our commitment to Trust, Transparency, and Traceability for our consumers. Bewild ingredients come from openly pollinated heirloom seeds for better flavour, nutrition and cultural heritage from 100+ acre landscapes that encourage responsible food choices and continuous improvement through feedback. Each of our produce can be traced back to the Beforest Collectives they came from, and you are free to visit our farms and the origin of your food because we know you want the best, and Bewild give you the right to choose it. Looking to know more? Follow us on Instagram and stay updated through our feed and blogs.