6 Portable Must Haves to Brew Specialty Coffee Anywhere!

by Bewild Produce

Scenes from an outdoor brewing session at Poomaale estate, Coorg with Bewild coffee.

There's something magical about sipping a perfectly brewed cup of specialty coffee, especially when you're exploring new destinations! For all the coffee enthusiasts who refuse to settle for subpar brews on the go, we've compiled a list of travel-friendly must-haves that ensure you never miss out on the best coffee experiences. Yes! We have provided some links for reference as well,for days that you want to be your own Barista!

1. Compact Manual Coffee Grinder: Nothing like freshly ground beans!

Our trusted comandante is on its daily grind!

There's no substitute for the aroma of freshly ground coffee beans. A compact coffee grinder, like the TimeMore Chestnut C3  or Commandate MK4 Nitro Blade, is a game-changer for travellers looking for the perfect daily grind everywhere! Enjoy the convenience of grinding your beans on the spot, ensuring each cup tastes like the high-quality coffee you signed up for!

2. Thermos Flask: Hot Water On The Go, Anywhere!

Source - Pexels

A good quality thermos is a true lifesaver for coffee lovers on the move. Whether you're hiking, trekking, or camping under the stars, having access to hot water is crucial for brewing a high-quality coffee experience. Look for insulated, leak-proof design thermos flasks that won't weigh you down but will keep your brewing options wide open, like the Milton Aura 1000 Thermosteel Bottle. We also suggest researching reputable brands known for producing high-quality thermoses with reliable performance and customer satisfaction because a thermos is a friend for a long time! If you’re looking for a more versatile option, you can always opt for a flask with temperature control options that work perfectly as a hybrid between a thermos and an electric kettle, such as the Instacuppa Electric Water Bottle. In case you have your heating options sorted and are just looking for a kettle to brew, a handy gooseneck kettle is perfect for pour-overs on the go!

3. AeroPress: Your Compact Brewing Companion

The coffee explorer’s cult favourite - Aeropress standing tall at Blyton, our hospitality experience centre!

AeroPress is a gem of a coffee discovery! It has revolutionised the coffee experience of enjoying high-quality coffee on the go. Compact, lightweight, and easy to use, it's the perfect solution for coffee lovers who refuse to compromise on quality. Whether you're camping in the wilderness or staying in a bustling city, your AeroPress ensures that  a rich and flavorful cup of coffee is always within reach. The Aeropress Go Coffee Maker is an excellent piece of equipment to start with. Make sure to carry the coffee filters that work best for each piece of equipment you carry!

4. Portable Coffee Tumbler: Keep your coffee moving with you

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A dedicated travel tumbler is essential for keeping your coffee hot and your adventure uninterrupted. Opt for an insulated, spill-proof option that can withstand the bumps and jostles of travel. With a reliable coffee tumbler by your side, you can keep your coffee warm for longer and make sure you have a high-quality coffee experience while taking in the sights around you. We are obviously fans of the viral Stanley Quencer and love all the tumblers from Fellow, but the Borosil Coffeemate is a great contender, too!

5. Portable Digital Weighing Scale: For the extra perfection!

Weigh to go! Perfect coffee starts with precise beans at our Blyton Bungalow, Coorg.

The portable digital weighing scale is your handy tool for accurate measurements on the fly. Compact and lightweight, it's perfect for use on trips or anywhere you need it. With its easy-to-read digital display and convenient features like tare and unit conversion, you can quickly and precisely measure your coffee or weigh other raw materials with ease. Whether you’re a coffee geek, or simply a coffee explorer starting their journey, a portable digital weighing scale is definitely something you need for the perfect daily grind! We think the Hario Drip scale is a great, versatile digital weighing scale! Cheers to adventure, one balanced sip at a time! 

6. Compact Carrier bag: Better safe than sorry!

Source - Instagram @unito_store

We have listed down the most important must-haves for speciality coffee on the go, but one thing most people don’t understand is the importance of a proper carrier to store all their equipment. Trust us; it's a recent discovery of coffee for us as well! Each item is integral to making your speciality coffee and comes with a responsibility to be taken care of We’d like to think of it as a valuable addition to coffee sustainability because you do not have to keep buying these essentials if they’re all safe and sound! A good carrier also ensures everything is easily moveable and is in one place and ready for you to brew a good cup of specialty coffee! Having said that, we suggest your carriers of choice be sturdy, water resistant and something that fits your personality! Our personal favourite is this Stanley Lunch Box, and we are sure you’re going to find one that best works for you!

Now that you know all the portable must-haves for speciality coffee on the go, let the coffee explorations begin! But wait! What is an adventure without our Bewild coffee from the hills of Coorg? Grab a pack from our website and be on your way! Happy Adventure!