Forest Friendly Produce

Our first line of produce which includes pepper and 7 variants of coffee are sourced entirely from the Beforest Collective at Poomaale (literally meaning– Garland of Flowers) Estate, located at Kakkabe in Coorg.

Set in the midst of the Western Ghats at an elevation of 1040 meters, the estate receives an average rainfall of 6000 mm a year. The estate is home to diverse wildlife ranging from elephants, wild boars, monkeys, deer, insects and birds whose undisturbed natural habitats make up at least 20-25% of the land. Despite the abundant wildlife at the estate, any human-animal conflict is prevented by using behavioural cues that help them understand that they are welcome to consume as much as they want in certain parts of the farm. This makes it a perfect example of a forest friendly estate.    

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Poomaale Collective, Coorg