The Bewild Philosophy


Bewild is the food produce arm of Beforest Lifestyle Solutions, which facilitates and manages sustainable food forests and housing collectives that are food water and power secure.

At Bewild, we use sustainable farming as a tool to support and enhance our forest ecosystems.

Guided by the fundamental principles of permaculture, our produce, which we refer to as ‘forest friendly’, is entirely sourced from our collectives or from surrounding farms which follow a similar philosophy of ‘Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share’; while supporting co-existence with abundant wildlife.

This simple philosophy has been our North Star from day one. Equal pay for men and women, full medical insurance, 20 days paid leaves for farm staff and education for their children are some of the simple steps we have taken in this direction.

With an emphasis on self-sufficiency, the staff and stake holders almost completely have their food requirements being met off the land. This enhances the care and the dedication with which this produce is grown as the relationship between the farmer and the plant goes beyond a commercial transaction.

This ensures that we do not exploit or pressure the landscape, but instead enhance its soil quality, replenish its ground water and improve the air quality and biodiversity. 

Our collectives are home to diverse wildlife ranging from elephants, wild boars, monkeys, deer, insects and birds whose undisturbed natural habitats make up at least 20-25% of the land. Any human-animal conflict is prevented by using behavioural cues that help them understand that they are welcome to consume as much as they want in certain parts of the farm.   

The existence of these farms has helped the eco system, including the wildlife and surrounding forests thrive. Our produce growing in such a natural forest environment without any external intervention, we refer to it as forest friendly produce

All our produce is not only grown responsibly, but also packaged sustainably. By choosing a Bewild product, you are contributing towards keeping a forest intact. So go ahead and explore our store