• South Indian Brinjal Dal

    by Bewild South Indian Brinjal Dal
    Tasty Twist: South Indian Brinjal Dal Recipe This vegetarian delicacy is a great source of protein and can be enjoyed with rice or flatbreads. Bri...
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  • Stuffed Brinjal and Onion Khichdi

    by Bewild Stuffed Brinjal and Onion Khichdi
    Delectable Fusion: Stuffed Brinjal and Onion Khichdi This flavorful and hearty dish makes for a satisfying meal on its own or as a side dish. Brin...
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  • Bengali Baingan Bhaja

    by Bewild Bengali Baingan Bhaja
    Crispy Bengali Delight: Baingan Bhaja This vegetarian delicacy is often served as an appetiser or side dish and pairs well with a variety of main ...
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